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My 10 Favorite Japanese Movies

I’m going to be very specific here and say that these are just my favorite, and certainly not a definitive list of the best movies out there. I’m not a huge anime fan, but I do have a few flicks that I’ve enjoyed watching over the years, along with their trailers.

If you have any suggestions, I’d certainly appreciate your thoughts in the comments. I could use a few new titles to watch.

  • 10. Yojimbo (1961)

    Lots of arms getting cut off. Super slice n’ dice fun!

  • 9. Yaji & Kita, Midnight Pilgrims (2005)

    Picture Bill and Ted if they were Japanese. And gay.

  • 8. Machine Girl (2008)

    One of the best ‘b’ movies I’ve seen. Tempura arms and drill bras. Fans of Ash from the Evil Dead series will enjoy this flick.

  • 7. My Girlfriend is a Cyborg (2008)

    This reminded me of My Sassy Girl. If you like that movie, you’ll enjoy this. Fun comedy. A little long, but a great flick.

  • 6. My Neighbor Totoro (1998)

    Anytime that I’m stuck at a bus stop in the rain, I think about this movie.

  • 5. Spirited Away (2001)

    Some movies do an awesome job at creating a vivid world that stick in your mind for years. Think Alice in Wonderland or The Chronicles of Narnia. Now think Spirited Away, because Miyazaki creates worlds that you’ll remember for a long time.

  • 4. The Ring (1998)

    Two scariest movies ever: The Blair Witch Project, and this.

  • 3. Seven Samurai (1954)

    Like Yojimbo, more Kurasawa sword-slicin’ goodness.

  • 2. Hana-bi (1997)

    Takeshi Kitano is awesome. Nuff said.

  • 1. Grave of the Fireflies (1988)

    Right up there with the best war movies of all-time. Only this one is animated. Amazing film.

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3 Responses to “My 10 Favorite Japanese Movies”

  1. Coligny Says:

    Agreed for my sassy gurl… Sex is 0 was not bad either, the #2 was a little bit of a let down. But How can you not list
    “Female Prisonner Scorpio” ?
    “Crazy Lips” (Hakkyousuru Kuchibiru) – Hirohisa Sasaki (2000) The necrophyliac rape scene was absolutely awesome.
    “Initial D” live akshiun movie (with Anthony Wong, who manage to brush off the suckittude of the anime, and have a real soundtrack and not the supermarket fish-aisle commercial music.)
    “Cat’s Eyes” live akshiun… with… spandex… a lot of it…
    “eternal Yua Aida”… just because… it’s her…
    “Nosutoradamusu no -i don’t remember the japanese word, but in english it’s ‘prophecies’-” with it’s drug overdose induced soundtrack.
    “Casshern” with a story… inside… but the picture is what strike most (steampunk/dieselpunk themed)

    And to finish… the unique masterpiece:
    “The World sinks except japan”. At every minute of the day an uyoku is masterbaiting while watching this steaming pile of crap…

  2. Coligny Says:

    Damn I forgot “the G8 summit against monster X”.

    Excellent stuff… with Sarkozy boning everything on sight, Putin and his beloved polonium, Abe stuck to the loo and Berlusconi… well… you know… being himself…

  3. Cbass Says:

    At least 5 of your movie liked me…I’m a cinema addict person and I have many movies sharing the #1 place in my head…Totoro is my #1 favorite animated movie of all time…I even made up an animated short inspired on it when I was in 3rd year at college…

    Although, I love all the works of Miyazaki, he was one of inspirational reasons to became a designer/cartoonist.

    The other movie aren’t bad at all either, huge fan of Beat Takeshi and his work either, I’ve watched Cyborg she also and I totally felt for the cyborg girl :P

    Machine girl is awesome! first movie “b” of its kind I watched, after that one, I couldn’t avoid to look for other movie like that one and became fanatic haha :D

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