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Rain to star in ‘Ninja Assasin’

From the makers of The Matrix, this new flick Ninja Assassin looks to be the next title to capitalize on the recent popularity of all things Ninja. Produced by the Wachowski brothers, this flick will not be lacking in star power either, as they’ve recruited Korean hunk-extraordinaire Rain for the lead role.

From the looks of the trailer this one looks to be pretty action packed. Very dark, very violent. Very cool. What do you think? Is Rain a good choice for this movie? Or is there another Asian actor that you’d like to see in the title role? Ninjas are supposed to be Japanese aren’t they? Is there any Japanese actor that can equal Rain’s fame?

Check out the trailer:

source: oneinchpunch

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One Response to “Rain to star in ‘Ninja Assasin’”

  1. Josh Says:

    Regarding Rain, ninja not being Japanese thing… It’s NOT a problem because people don’t care as long as he’s Asian.

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